The Control-Concern-Focus Principle

The Idea

Contributed by @philhagspiel |  Edited and curated by @philhagspiel

Focus only on where control and concern meet.


We care about a wide range of things in life. But only some of those, we have control over.

Likewise, we can exert control over many different aspects of life. But only some of those, we truly care about.

That which we care about is not always that which we can control — and vice versa.

Focusing energy on things we can’t control, even if they matter to us, or on things that don’t matter, just because we can influence them, is equally wasteful.

We ought to focus our efforts — our thoughts and actions — on where concern and control overlap. Making our lives better is a function not only of exerting influence but also of focusing on what we care about. Not one or the other. Both.


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