About MindVault

What is MindVault?

MindVault makes powerful ideas more easily accessible.

It connects you to ideas that trigger curiosity, exploration and learning — so you can upgrade your model of the world.

MindVault is a direction for your own journey.

A starting point.

A new portal to personal growth.

If you want to learn more about the philosophy and world view MindVault builds on, read:

How Does MindVault Work?


MindVault presents you with distinct ideas and concepts that are related to one of the main pillars of personal growth (Calibration, Awareness, Navigation, Cultivation).

Click here for a deep dive into these pillars

For each of these ideas you will find a quick introduction — an access point to the deeper concept.

A few specific resources (articles, videos, ...) will help you explore the idea further on your own.

At the bottom of each idea, there is an extensive resource list with books, podcasts, Youtube channels and much more that are loosely related to the idea and that might be valuable for your own further exploration and learning path.

Can I Contribute?

As humans, we usually default to 'experts' for knowledge and inspiring ideas — however, one of the core convictions behind MindVault is that basically everyone has valuable ideas and perspectives to offer to others.

That's why you can contribute directly to MindVault.

If there's an idea, a concept or an insight from science, philosophy or any other area of life that you find meaningful, reach out here:

Or just send an email to philipp@philhagspiel.com.

You will get featured and tagged (with your Instagram, Twitter or Website) as the contributor for your idea.

Let's build this together! 🚀